Instagram’s Top 12 Donut Influencers

It’s no mystery that donuts are the latest sweets craze rolling across social media. Some say it started in 2013 when Dominique Ansel introduced the world to the Cronut, and the donut continues to rise in popularity with creations like the cruffin, the wonut, the donutolli, and the dochurro. Ready to get your donut fix on? Check out this full dozen of Instagram donut influencers assembled by

Oh, and yes, hundreds of dessert/pastry/baking/foodie Instagram influencers who mention donuts here and there have much larger followings. This list is made up of those we consider as “donut purists” (with one exception) – actual people who seek nothing more than to glorify the almighty donut. That said, don’t be surprised to see them throw in an occasional related sweet treat for a well-rounded view of the world.


#12 Glazed and Confused

@glazed_and_confused_ says: What started in Texas is now in Chicago… Lindsey is always capturing mouthwatering shots of colorful and unique donuts from across the country.


#11 Liz Orlandough

@orlan_dough says: Liz is great, tons of original content and she eve makes donuts too! If you’re lucky enough to live in Orlando, FL, order some of her custom hand-made sensations!


#10 The Donut Chef

#thedonutchief says: Plenty of original content covering Chicago Philly, Boston, and beyond.


#9 Donut Bragger

#donutbraggerapproved says: Based in Florida, we’re 99% sure Bryan lives at a local Jupiter’s Donut shop. His travels take him many places and he regularly shares original content for us all to enjoy. Homer would be proud!


#8 Still Cute Dough


DonutsUnplugged says: Emily makes it easy to live vicariously through her adventures looking for the best donuts in and around Boston. Her photography is spot on and the original content with keep you coming back for more!


#7 Donut Critic


DonutsUnplugged says: Consistent, high quality curated content is the name of the game for DonutCritic. Benjamin finds and shares lick-your-screen worthy donuts with the occasional snippet of family life. Be sure to hit the link in his bio to pickup a set (or six) of the Donut Shop Cards, fun for all ages!


#6 Daniel Eating Dallas

@daniel_eating_dallas says: The only non-100% donut purist account to make the list, Daniel scratches your donut itch and earns some serious donut cred with his regular posts about the best fried cakes around DFW (and beyond). Also check out his articles on where he’s a regular contributor, offering hard to beat insights.


#5 Becuase of Donuts


DonutsUnplugged says: This Salt Lake City duo are killing it with gobs of donuts and other sweet treats. You’ll need to muster all your willpower to resist eating your phone!


#4 The Duke of Donuts


DonutsUnplugged says: The Duke has a refreshing style all his own and is always baking up batch after batch of entertaining and educational morsels. He knows donuts, inside and out, and regularly shares his donut adventures and new donut shop finds. It’s been said that the number of donuts he eats borders on criminal, but we’re certain The Duke has a glovebox full of get-out-of-jail-free cards just in case.


#3 Donut Appreciation


DonutsUnplugged says: Much like @cronutgirl, her identity remains a mystery, but one thing’s for sure – she offers heaps of delicious donut content!

? ? ? #donutappreciation

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#2 Powered by Doughnuts


DonutsUnplugged says: This Chicago native speaks his mind and pulls no punches when letting his followers know what he thinks about all things donuts, be it glowingly good…or dismally bad. His honesty is refreshing and his donut cred (and style) second to none. Enrich your donut life and follow Steven, he’s sure to exceed your daily limit of donut exposure!


#1 Cronut Girl


DonutsUnplugged says: Cronuts, Cronuts, aaaaaand Cronuts! Pretty sure she’s shown us every possible angle, combination, topping, and filling of the almighty Cronut. Yeah, there’s an occasional random non-cronut sweet delight, but the name says it all, this girl lives and breathes Cronuts.


Honorable Mention

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