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We’re All About Donuts

Have you ever eaten a donut, or thought about eating a donut?? The answer is obviously YES!! So welcome to DonutsUnplugged.com, this site is for you!

DonutsUnplugged.com connects you with a worldwide community of donut lovers, helps you discover and learn everything you ever wanted to know about donuts, and is a place you can turn to for updates on donut-related topics including the latest donut trends, news, and events.

What’s more, DonutsUnplugged.com will soon be the one-stop donut shop for donut schwag assembled from all over the web, making it easy and convenient for you to find exactly what you need.

First time to DonutsUnplugged.com?

Check out a couple blog posts in DonutNews so you can digest some LSDI (Life Saving Donut Info), like who are the top Instagram donut influencers. Or consider starting with a brief donut history lesson in DonutUniversity, or just roll on over to the DonutCritic page for donut shop reviews and pics of where we’ve been.

Feel the urge to share your favorite donut or local donut shop? Looking for guidance from the donut gods? Email us or comment on any blog or social media post, we promise to respond!

Be sure and sign up to become a member of the most exclusive circle of donut connoisseurs – The Royal Donut Society. With over 2.3 million donut-loving fanatics (yep, totally made up that number), every member of The Royal Donut Society benefits from special announcements, giveaways, and other invaluable donut news delivered straight to their inbox!

So who’s behind DonutsUnplugged.com?

Most people call me Bryan (because that’s my real name), but if you see me in a crowd and can’t remember it, just yell “DONUTS!!” and I’m sure to respond. A few years ago my coworker Nick and I started regular donut runs while traveling the country with a team of auditors. We started keeping track of where we’d been and before we knew it, the list had nearly 70 donut shops.

Fast forward to today and I continue the tradition (often times with help from my beautiful wife Heather + 3 kids). Everywhere my consulting work takes me, and even on vacation (ok, especially on vacation), there’s always a new donut shop (or 10) to visit, and the list now tops 130. Where will it end?

If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU, we hope you’ll find some valuable and useful info on donutsunplugged.com! Reach out anytime, we’d love to hear from you!

Bryan & Heather

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